derec® Dental Charting 牙科圖表軟件

Most user friendly dental charting App

1. Dental charting in web


Record, manage and show your clinical findings in web app. derec® offers you and your patient a clear and comprehensive overview of the oral status. Forget about cranky dental charts!

在應用程序中記錄,管理和顯示您的臨床牙科診斷。 derec®為您和您的患者提供清晰,全面的口腔狀況概覽。不用再為一大堆牙科圖表而繁瑣!

2. Periodontal status


derec® is the best tool available for recording a complex periodontal status. Probing depths, gingival bleeding, plaque accumulation, tartar, furcation involvement and pus can be recorded at 6 spots on each tooth.


3. Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Implants and more…


The app’s intuitive “tooth pad” allows you to quickly and effortlessly enter the restorations such as fillings, veneers, partial crowns and crowns, onlays, inlays.


4. Single tooth view – clear and detailed!


Get all the details in the single tooth view. Whether it’s endodontic tests, periodontal findings, pathology or restoration.


5. Patient’s Overview


Get all information in the patient’s overview. See medical issues, latest plaque and bleeding index as well as the patient’s treatment plan.


6. Rollback


Roll back in time! With the new rollback function, you can step through the charts in the past. See how the dental and periodontal status of you patients changed over time! This is a great tool for follow up your patients!


7. Endo AI


Never get lost again with endodontic diagnosis. Derec has now Endo AI! A smart tool for proposing a endodontic diagnosis based your clinical tests and findings. Just check the tooth with all necessary test (eg cold test, percussion test and radiographic findings) and derec will propose the diagnosis to you. Try it! You will be amazed. (Terminology of diagnosis based on the American Assoctiation of Endodontics 2009)


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