HKMC Group – Your Health Matters ( 港醫匯 – 守護您的個人化醫療服務 )

An advance medical practice, built around you.


Our professional and advance healthcare service offers something different – top doctors who not only treat you when you get sick, but who care about keeping you healthy in the first place. Some of the most respected doctors in our community came together to form Hong Kong Medical Consortium Group, with a shared goal of providing you a better, more coordinated care experience.

我們專業和先進的醫療服務提供您不同的體驗 – 頂級專業醫生不僅在您患病時為您進行治療,更注重您全面的健康和服務體驗。我們把經驗豐富的專業醫生匯聚在一起並組成港醫匯集團,共同的目標是給予您提供更好,更週全的醫健體驗。

微信公眾號 Wechat ID : hkmcgp
Line ID: hkmcgroup
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