Advisory Support 健康顧問及支援團隊

With our premium service, we assist insurance agents and patients in making appointments with doctors and hospitals. Our competent staff members make new appointments or change ones already made.

Our premium appointment service comprises:

  • Accepting preferred appointment dates and times
  • Recommendation of the top medical specialist who meets the patient’s criteria
  • Notification (concerning an appointment) to patients within 48 hours (by phone, email or text, as the customer prefers)
  • The patient receives a phone, email or text message reminder on the day of the appointment
  • It is our duty to make the care of patients our first concern.

憑藉我們的優質服務, 我們專業的健康顧問及支援團隊會協助保險代理商和患者與頂尖醫生和醫院預約診治.


  • 預約首選見面日期和時間
  • 根據醫生建議而推薦符合患者病情之頂尖醫學專家
  • 48小時內向病人發出通知 (通過電話, 電子郵件或即時通訊軟件)
  • 以電子郵件或即時通訊軟件提醒患者在當天預約
  • 我們視以病人為先的宗旨為團隊的首要責任

For more detail required, please reach us at phone: +852 52336642/ email: or fill out the form below:

如需更多詳細信息,請致電 +852 52336642/ 電郵至 或填寫以下表格:

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